Academic excellence is a core foundation of a Trinity Hall education. We are committed to small classes led by dedicated teachers who exhibit rigorous academic preparation, enthusiasm for teaching and learning, and concern and appreciation for each student.

We value a curriculum that blends traditional instruction with thoughtful innovation, and we cherish both individual achievement and successful collaboration. We expect students to master information, use technology effectively, and develop the critical thinking skills that support life-long learning. Trinity Hall recognizes the importance of parents who are involved with their daughters’ education and encourages them to work in partnership with the school.

Concurrently, as religious educators in a college preparatory school for young women, we believe in the importance of leading our students to know, love, and serve God. Trinity Hall’s program is directed toward offering a sound intellectual grounding in the Catholic faith. To this end, we help them to root their lives in theological and philosophical teachings, to develop strong moral and ethical values, and to become women of sensitivity in serving the needs of others. Students are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God which will serve as an impetus for good in their lives.

Finally, as a single-gender school, Trinity Hall offers an academic and social environment where students can take risks, discuss issues pertinent to young women, and develop a positive self-awareness. Everything we do is geared to educating girls and young women – from our teaching strategies and curriculum, to our arts, athletics, and co-curricular and character education programming. At Trinity Hall, every girl is an achiever in her own way.

Course Years of Study
Theology 4 years
English 4 years
World Language* 3 years
Physics, Chemistry, Biology 3 years
Mathematics 3 years
World History 2 years
United States History 1 year
Engineering 4 years
Arts: Music, Dance, Art, Theater 2 years
Health 2 years
Fitness 2 years
Electives 3 years


* Same language in consecutive years, beginning with freshmen year.

Grade 9
English I: Composition and Literature
Theology I: Introduction to Theology
World History I
Mathematics I: Integrated Algebra/Geometry
World Languages: Spanish and French
Engineering I: Creative Design Process
Arts: Music, Drawing, Theatre
Fitness 9
Health 9: Wellness
Grade 10
English II: Modern Global Literature
Theology II: World Religions
World History II (AP)
Mathematics II: Integrated Algebra II/Geometry
World Languages: Spanish and French
Engineering II: Creative Design Theory
Arts: Photography, Music, Drawing II, Theatre II
Fitness 10
Health 10

Grade 11
English III: American Literature; AP English Language
Theology III: Mission of the Church
US History (AP)
Mathematics III: Precalculus
Biology; AP Physics; AP Chemistry
World Languages: Spanish and French (AP)
Engineering III: Innovative Design Technology
Arts electives
Fitness: Independent Study
Health 11
Grade 12 
English IV: Electives in Literature; AP English Literature
Theology IV: Contemporary Church
AP US Government; History Electives
Mathematics IV: Calculus (AP)
AP Biology; AP Physics; AP Chemistry
World Languages: Spanish and French (AP)
Engineering IV: Advanced Engineering
Arts electives
Fitness: Independent Study