Our Mission

Trinity Hall is an innovative, independent all-girls college preparatory high school educating and empowering young women in the Catholic tradition. Trinity Hall’s core values of leadership, respect, perseverance, and faith are foundational to our mission and work as educators.

In a technology-rich learning environment, a superior faculty and a challenging interdisciplinary curricular program foster leadership, respect, perseverance, and faith. Unique and exciting co-curricular learning opportunities accommodate a diverse, yet a collectively passionate, creative, and caring student body. These young women will be empowered to take risks, pursue personal passions, network globally, and grow as learners – and as valued individuals.


Our Vision

  • To establish an independent all-girls high school in the Catholic tradition in Monmouth County.
  • To provide the highest quality education, uniquely tailored to nurture the intellectual, spiritual, social, and physical gifts of each individual.
  • To form a community of young women who will become leaders and living examples of the benefit of a faith and value-based learning environment.


  • To foster a rigorous college-preparatory academic program, as well as a superior character education program, by focusing on human, social, and spiritual capital:
    • Human: Superior leadership, faculty, and staff – all appropriately compensated and supported.
    • Social: A warm, tolerant, and united student body and school community; On and off-campus co-curricular programs, opportunities, and experiences rarely available in secondary education.
    • Spiritual: Fostering an understanding of, respect for, and adherence to, a defined set of shared values, including leadership, respect, perseverance, and faith.


To attract, enroll, and retain a diverse student body…

  • Socioeconomic
  • Racial, cultural and ethnic
  • Religious
  • Geographic area served

Fulfilling this mission is an ongoing process and will require active participation and frequent dialogue. Furthermore, a significant percentage of our operating budget will be dedicated to financial aid to allow talented young women to benefit from a Trinity education regardless of their economic situation.

To recruit, hire, and build a diverse faculty…

Value those who can share and teach differing points of view.

  • Create ethically-sensitive position announcements and circulate appropriately.
  • Hire faculty that will reflect, support, and serve as role models for the minority groups within the student body.
  • Train and support the professional development of new faculty.