Dear student-athlete;

As a member of a Trinity Hall athletic team, you will enjoy an experience in which you will benefit in many ways. You will be asked to demonstrate the core values of Trinity Hall while at the same time learning such things as good sportsmanship, dealing with adversity, and working together to achieve certain goals.

Here are some general guidelines for you to follow as a member of a team:

• Be on time and prepared for all practices and games.
• Come with the attitude that you are going to improve every time you practice or play and work hard to achieve that goal.
• Understand that athletes have good days and bad days, but your work rate should always have a good day.
• Allow the coaches (and sometimes teammates) to offer instruction and suggestions.
• Maintain high academic standing throughout the season and school year.
• Address all concerns or issues directly with the coach.
• Take care of and maintain all equipment and uniforms.
• Be responsible for checking schedules, game times, and any changes that may occur throughout the season.
• Absences from practices and games will not be tolerated and will result in consequences.

Exemplify the four core values of leadership, respect, perseverance, and faith every day.
Good luck!


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